Fluffy Slime

Parents, how do you feel about slime?

For me, it’s one of those things that I can’t stand because it makes a mess but I still make it with the kids. When they ask a million times and you keep saying no and then they pull the well Lulu’s mom does it all the time or Jeffy’s mom let’s him make it whenever he wants and your guilted into making the slime you can’t stand!

So last night we made fluffy slime and while the kids were super happy, mommy was not. The slime ended up on my floors, the front porch, and better yet, my 7 year old daughter’s hair!! Thankfully this slime was made with water and shaving cream so after trying to brush it out for 10 minutes and many, many tears we decided to just try the shower and sure enough it came right out! Thank God, because I did not want to have to cut her beautiful blonde locks!

So for all you parents who love and hate slime, here’s the recipe we used, give it a try 🙂


hugs- Niki



Lose those love handles!

Why do they call them that anyway?! No on loves them, at least I don’t!

Being a busy mother of four I get asked a lot how I stay in shape. Well, my initial thought is I chase toddlers around and run my older children to and from school and sports every day but I do also try to eat healthy (notice I said try) and fit in a workout a few times a week.

One of my week spots are my love handles, do you agree? Below are some of my favorite workouts for this section of your body that help me and are pretty simple!


hugs- Niki

Super Simple Fall DIY

Happy Fall Y’all! I don’t know about you but I am always looking for simple DIY projects for me and the kids. Today my daughter and I made these pumpkins out of logs from the backyard.

What you need it a decent size log slice, paint color of your choice (could do orange, green, white, whatever fits your style), a few fake leaves, some twine, and a hot glue gun. If you don’t have logs they sell them at the craft store for cheap. Thankfully, we have a lot of logs from trees we took down so I love finding crafts to make with them.

First you want to paint the face of your log and let it dry. Once it is dry your going to glue a small stick to the top for a stem, then a leaf or two and lastly tie the twine!

Like I said super simple and super cute!

hugs- Niki


Blackened Fish Tacos

My kids are pretty picky, they’ll eat what mommy makes because by now they know that I am not a short order cook but it doesn’t come with out complaint so in our house when we have a positive outcome with something other then chicken nuggets or pizza we call it a win! My kids generally like seafood and my son and husband love to fish so on the way home from a fishing trip this summer my husband called and asked if I could look up a new recipes to try with the fish he caught. I came across this recipe for blackened fish tacos and they are to die for and the best part, the kids loved them too! We have made them several times since and invited family over who loved them as well. They are a must try. Link to the recipe is below and I promise you wont be disappointed!

hugs- Niki


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